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BEHIND THE SCENES by The Scissorhands

09-11 DECEMBER 2022
the Curve (private art room)


BEHIND THE SCENES a solo show by The Scissorhands

The works of Munich-based artist Claudia Klein aka The Scissorhands are carefully constructed arrangements that often consist of only two pictorial elements. Claudia Klein creates surreal, sometimes eerie dreamscapes with unexpected assemblages of objects and body parts. Influenced by her professional career in fashion and fashion illustration, the Scissorhands has a soft spot for faces and the beauty and fragility of the human body. Her sources of inspiration range from old black and white photographs to contemporary fashion magazines, paintings of Flemish still lifes and David Lynch films.

“I knew from the beginning what I wanted my work to look like: Clear, clean, opulent and minimalist at the same time, sharp yet raw, with the dark, eerie and dreamlike aura of a David Lynch film.” (The Scissorhands)

The series BEHIND THE SCENES follows the idea of Pittura metafisica, an Italian art movement at the beginning of the 20th century that deals with the absence of things and their secret life. The series is a game of hide and seek with the invisibility and simultaneous presence of figures. In Claudia’s own collaged version of Pittura metafisica, the figures are often obscured by surreal fabriclike structures or their silhouettes reveal secret parallel worlds.

Who is this person? What is his or her story? Is the person present or absent? The longer a figure remains in the dark, the stronger his or her aura. BEHIND THE SCENES combines past and present, contemporary fashion photography and Flemish oil paintings, it mixes forms, styles and textures and leaves many questions unanswered…

Photo credit: Annemie Martin