the Curve at POSITIONS berlin 2021
REBEL REBEL by Justine Laeufer

the Curve in collaboration with the SISS BLISS


a collage series by DENNIS BUSCH on display at the SISS BLISS showroom


They belong together. They form a unity. They are attuned to each other; this is how Dennis Busch describes the two main actors (stone and wearer) of his JEWELS series. Each stone is unique. Each body is too. And the two attract each other like magnets. The energetic compatibility of the two parts is at the centre of the action. From the beginning of history until today. The power of the stones belongs to the primordial knowledge of humanity. And finally there is the big C – the Cut! The cut of a stone turns the stone into a gem, the cut of the paper turns the collage into a work of art.

Dennis Busch’s (b.1971) collages burst with movement. Figures, shapes, and colours explode with centrifugal force in the artist’s handmade works on paper. Since the late 1980s the German artist, musician and illustrator spends most of his time cutting and pasting and creating a new colourful world where logic and time have no place. Everything is constantly in flux – always vibrating and shining. His exciting works have been exhibited in Hamburg, Barcelona and New York, among other places. Dennis Busch is the co-author of the well-known book series “The Age of Collage”, Vol. I – III, published by Gestalten Verlag.

The SISS BLISS is a jewellery label based in Berlin founded by Franziska von Hardenberg. The SISS BLISS believes in the importance of transparency and is committed to traceable supply chains, local production and diamonds and gemstones that are traded in a conflict-free and certified manner. The SISS BLISS only works with master manufacturers who all have decades of experience in the production of precious jewellery. The latest venture BLISS BANG CAPITAL offers the opportunity to have your old gold valued and converted into new jewellery free of charge, fairly and transparently. The SISS BLISS’s aim is to create a 100% closed gold cycle, which does not exists in the history of jewellery trade to this day.