Matthieu Bourel

Dennis Busch

Dennis Busch (1971) creates chaos out of the ordinary and reassembles it into surrealist fragments of a parallel world. His works burst with movement. Figures, shapes, and forms explode with centrifugal force in the artist’s handmade works on paper. Since the late 1980s cutting, collaging and writing charmingly rude messages on vintage imagery is a big part of Dennis Busch’s life. For Busch, who describes himself as an “image butcher,” part of the appeal of collage is the ability to push through the limitations of logic. He praises the collage as a state of creative dream walking. Busch’s visual interventions can be simple, highlighting the strength that single juxtapositions can create. The artworks presented in the Curve are a glimpse into the world and mind of Dennis Busch demonstrating his love for the imperfect and the absurd.

Dennis Busch is the co-author of the acclaimed books »Age of Collage« Vol. I – III published by Gestalten Verlag. He lives and works in Bremen, Germany.

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