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Anthony Gerace

Don’t let the ragged edges and salvaged scraps fool you: Anthony Gerace’s work is painstakingly precise. The London-based artist’s approach is a beguiling combination of the intuitive and the mechanical, with a heightened emphasis on the hand-crafted physicality of collage. His work often raises questions around time and memory through pieces that celebrate and negotiate the inherent deterioration of ephemera and printed matter. Repetition is another common thread, with some mosaic-like works presenting rows upon rows of tiny squares, meticulously cut and arranged to form disarming interventions into found photographic imagery.


Both complete semiotic saturation as well as displacement: that’s what being a non-Japanese speaker in a place like SUPER TAMADE feels like. At once a supermarket and at the same time, for a non-native Japanese, something similar to an art installation, the place functions in many ways as a microcosm of the city it is based in, Osaka. Osaka is a sum of layers: layers of history, of meaning, and of language piled on one another in an arranged chaos that is both inviting and overwhelming. The series SUPER TAMADE attempts in as many ways to speak about Osaka as well as about the general experience of being without language in a place. Colour and light become the dominant mode of communication. Objects that are otherwise normal, take on another life in this new context in which they are being experienced.

The series SUPER TAMADE consists of photographs as well as collage artworks, with material sourced on site.

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