Matthieu Bourel
Milen Till

Anthony Gerace

Creating collages can be like putting together a puzzle. Anthony Gerace makes this aspect a central motif of his collage work. In his There Must Be More To Life Than This series Gerace transforms found images of flowers or glamorous portraits into squares, reconfiguring them into new, tiled compositions. Other pieces contrast photographs with cut and torn pieces of coloured paper, which he layers, both obscuring and revealing elements at the same time. The historic is important for the artist, who has been “thinking about the implications of the passage of time on both objects and representational imagery for over 10 years.” Originally from Toronto but now based in Hackney, London, Gerace also works as a photographer and is slowly aligning both practices. His photographic awareness helps him to see “the printed image as an active participant.” What makes his work so engaging is its continuous experimentation with form and style.

Text from “THE AGE OF COLLAGE VOL.3” by gestalten.

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