the Curve at paper positions munich 2019
the Curve at paper positions berlin 2019


In May 2019 the Curve teamed up with CRUBA for a one-month takeover of their beautiful store window on Auguststraße 28 in Berlin Mitte. CRUBA is a Berlin-based fashion label, creating finest womenswear essentials with a strong focus on local and sustainable production.

The window and in-store exhibition showcased the latest artworks by photographer and collage artist ANTHONY GERACE from his series „The Ruined Map“.

“I began walking, relying on a map I did not comprehend. I began walking in the opposite direction from her … perhaps in order to reach her. I would forget looking for a way to the past.“

KOBO ABE (from his novel “The Ruined Map”, 1967)

Don’t let the ragged edges and salvaged scraps fool you: Anthony Gerace’s work is painstakingly precise. The Canadian artist’s approach is a beguiling combination of the intuitive and the mechanical, with a heightened emphasis on the hand-crafted physicality of collage. His work often raises questions around time and memory through pieces that celebrate and negotiate the inherent deterioration of ephemera and printed matter. Anthony Gerace works and lives in London, England.