the Curve at paper positions berlin 2019
STRIP in the Curve

FLORAL FAULTS in the Curve

First-time exhibition of the collage-series ‘Floral Faults’ by Anna Bu Kliewer

The series explores femininity and the beauty of its imperfections. It depicts a positive perspective on faults and how they transform an individual into something more authentic. Each work represents different female characters who are all in acceptance with their floral individuality. These collages materialise unexpected forms of beauty and bring inherent energy and potential to ‘the absurd’ with a sense of humour and lightness. Faults form into an advanced identity of acceptance and originality. Flowers and natural shapes are extraordinary, not one flower is identical to the other, the same applies to humanity. A flower is delicate, sensitive and feminine, fragility becomes a confident trait with time being flattened.

We as a society have increasingly moved towards a paperless culture, beholden to digital forms. Collage is a medium that allows the construction of a new reality. These assembled moments are meant to depict an unexpected beauty which each viewer perceives differently, depending on their dreams, fantasies and memories.