the Curve on Torstrasse
Enrico Nagel in the Curve

Dennis Busch in the Curve

Dennis Busch (1971, Amstelveen, Netherlands) creates chaos out of the ordinary and reassembles it into a masterpiece of surrealism. The result: strange, witty, surprising, shocking, awkward, thought provoking, sentimental and one of a kind collage artworks. Since the late 1980s cutting, collaging and writing charmingly rude messages on found imagery is a big part of Dennis Busch’s life. His work suggests parallel universes in which the law of time does not apply. He praises the collage as a medium for transcending time, a state of creative dream walking. The show in the Curve is a glimpse into the world and mind of Dennis Busch highlighting his love for the imperfect and the absurd. Dennis Busch is the co-author of the acclaimed books „Age of Collage Vol. I and II” published by Gestalten Verlag.