Guy Vording
Anna Bu Kliewer

Leonid Keller

Julia Ossko (1978) and Eugen Schulz (1984) have been working together as the artist duo Leonid Keller since 2013.

The artistic media Leonid Keller use for their installations is determined by the respective topic they are working on. In the majority of cases they include works on paper, painting, printed materials, video, and sculpture. The artist duo prefer to work with found materials, both in terms of raw materials and social documents such as photographs, texts, books and observations. They apply these materials to reflect a particular environment – it’s traditions, individuals, and social and political status, both historic and contemporary.

Their goal is to “put into space” a new reality by creating a subjective dramaturgy of what they witness in these components. By intervening in an environment and distorting material, they describe the reorganization of a commonly accepted reality. For them, it is about a new imaging that will point the viewer towards the social constructions that have shaped past generations and continue to shape our time.

© Jewgeni Roppel