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Diane Meyer

Jono Boyle

Jono Boyle (b. 1971), an Irish artist based in Athens, previously worked under the moniker Motorboy before returning to his own name. He uses appropriated imagery and text to explore popular culture. “Waiting For The Future” is a series of disrupted images. His handmade process includes photographing, copying, scanning, and manipulating found images. He adds a healthy dose of humour, covering figures with small, coloured balls of fluff, or adding provocative texts or lyrics. His aim is “to create a new of meanings—poking at them to see what might be exposed,” he says. His subtle disruptions transform imagery. Influenced by late 1970s appropriation artists such as Sherrie Levine and Richard Prince, Boyle often draws from Hollywood stills, and actors such as John Barrymore, Sidney Poitier, and Doris Day all appear in his work. Amid the joy, there are moments of suspense. He says, “My work is quite playful but often laced with a lingering air of melancholy.”

Text from the book THE AGE OF COLLAGE VOL.3 by gestalten (2020).



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